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Before March Ends


Before March ends, let me give you an update of our latest activities.

March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day. Of the many celebrations that happened in town (that being Campo Grande - Brazil), I was invited to participate in one with the indigenous community. In front of the municipal market, the city mayor and members of the indigenous community gathered to make political requests for their agenda. Women of different ethnicities received an award that morning.

Last year, I participated in some events in celebration of Indian’s day. I was lucky to be the jury in selecting Mr and Mrs. Inamaty Kaxe, name of the tribe I joined for the celebration. Inamaty means “new day” and Kaxe means “sun light” in their language. You can see some photos here.

This association with the indigenous community has inspired me to work on a series of paintings using indigenous patterns, as you can see below.

** Urban Sketchers in Brazil ------------------------------------------------------------ My first meeting with Urban Sketchers in Campo Grande also happened this month. I met the group in Paris, when I was still a Parisienne. I attended a few meetings in some astonishing local sites. Urban Sketchers (USK) is a global community of artists, dedicated to the practice of drawings and paintings on site. in different parts of the city, “We show the world, one drawing at a time” is the group's motto. For our meeting in Campo Grande, the location chosen was in front of Casa do Artesão (Artisan’s house) that was celebrating 100 years old, that day. It was an incredible experience to draw and paint with a new group of talented people. I painted the entrance door of the building. If you know my obsession with doors, you are not surprised. If you don’t, that is material for a future newsletter. Find out More here! ** SP Arte ------------------------------------------------------------ I will share with you the highlights of SP - Arte, the biggest art fair in Latin America, that is happening right now in São Paulo.

** More to share ------------------------------------------------------------ A funky fresh playlist is also due in the next newsletter. Stay tuned! ** ------------------------------------------------------------

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