Atelier VerLuz is a space dedicated for inspiration and learning through art.



About us

An Atelier is a creative space used by an artist. As our name suggests, we are a space that supports creative minds. 

Our Atelier is divided in two branches: Inspiration (Our paintings) and Learning (Art & Coaching).

In our Inspiration space, we sell artworks made with love and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world from our artists.

*A percentage of our sales is donated to an Institution that helps abandoned women in the streets of Paris. 

Our Learning space is dedicated to entrepreneurs, people in career transition, curious and creative minds that wish to learn more about themselves, build awareness and become more reflective leaders. Using Art & Coaching, we find the perfect balance to support you in one-to-one coaching sessionsgroup workshops and more where art is the common thread to self-awareness and change. 


See the light, the real light

Our bright and creative founder was born and raised in Brazil. Her artistic career was influenced by her mother, who was also a painter and a professional musician. Our founder signed her paintings "VerLuz", a shorter version from her original name but as she would very well say about her own signature, it meant "see the light, the real light".

In Atelier VerLuz, our co-founder and artists started doing vernissages and exhibitions in Brazil to sell their paintings and donate the money to a cause: a Cancer Research and Prevention Institution in Brazil.

In Paris, we started doing the same to help Le Filon, an institution that takes care of abandoned women in the streets.

This is our way of keeping alive our inspiration. We get creative, do something we love and help other people at the same time.

Nowadays, we also bring light where there is shadow through "Art and Coaching". In our Learning branch, the Atelier offers Individual and group Coaching to individuals and companies where art continues to be the common thread to help our clients understand their shadow, bring light into it and integrate it.


You can buy our paintings here

Atelier VerLuz stands for its values where inspiration and learning are the foundation of our core. We sell paintings made with love and sold with love. Each painting has a story. Check our instagram account to know more. 

Have a look at our gallery and contact us for any questions.


Business Meeting


Coaching one-on-one

Individual coaching sessions using art as a tool to unleash creative process, for new sense-making and reframing of situations to achieve new results.

"One very important aspect of art is that is makes people aware of what they know and don't know they know. Once the breakthrough is made, there is permanent expansion of awareness"

William S. Burroughs


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